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We are a group of EMS professionals who plan various fundraising events for charity, because life-saving doesn’t stop when the uniform comes off. While we may be a fairly new organization, we have high hopes to be able to organize a number of events that will generate donations towards good causes. Throughout our event, we will be joined by our EMS and lay-person friends who are always ready to lend a hand. The event is a group effort, brought to you by the ruggedly handsome gentlemen and exceptionally pretty ladies found in our Bio section.


EMS stands for Emergency Medical Services. We are the EMTs and Paramedics who travel through space and time in a funny, sometimes blue, box in order to rescue you in your time of need.
Where in the world is 8 Bit Medic?
We’re based out of Long Island, New York.
Are you affiliated with any one in particular?
No. We are not affiliated with Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, Child’s Play or anyone else for that matter.
Where is the money going?
100% of the money goes directly to the charity chosen prior to the event. Just click on the fancy widget on our main page and it will direct you to the charity’s specific donation page. 100% of funds generated from our August 8, 2014 event are going directly to Child’s Play (www.childsplaycharity.org).
How can I keep up to date on things?
You can follow us on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. During the event, we will live chat, so feel free to join us.
Who did your banner and logo?
Our art is brought to you by the amazingly talented Joe McGrory (http://joemcgro.deviantart.com/).

But….but….what about….?

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